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Daisy The Beagle

Dasiy's Heartbreak!

When Amanda was called out to the army her little puppy beagle [...]

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Shy Kitty Makes Doggy BFF!

This poor tiny kitten was found lost and abandoned living in the basement [...]

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Cats Playing

Little Orphan <3

This tiny little kitten was found in trapped inside a wall, the people who [...]

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Fuss Pot!

Deaf-initely Beautiful!

White was born deaf, which seems to be a related problem to [...]

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Love Blind ♥

Poor Jack was born without eyes but managed to adapt to life [...]

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Sleep Buddies

Cheech & Casanova ♥

Cheech the foster kitten was all alone and abandoned, thankfully he got rescued [...]

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Statue of Hachi

Hachi - A Dogs Tale

I don’t know if you have ever heard of this dog but [...]

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Stowaway Kitten!

Kittens At Sea!

This story began in march 2011 when Eric Hanst and his fellow sailors [...]

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Cat and Dog

Opposites Attract!

It’s an animal instinct thing! <3  

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The Labrador Puppies

Puppy Perfection

Are these not the most wonderful perfect puppies you have ever seen!? [...]

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