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Pikachu Mouse

Pikachu Look-a-likes!

Ever wondered what Pikachu animals would look like!? haha!   Introducing the [...]

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Smiling Baby

Wake, Smile, Sleep!

This gorgeous baby girl wakes up, smiles and falls asleep, again and [...]

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Dog Servant

Doggy Masseur!

Finally a dog that is actually useful for once haha!    

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Bear Text Fail

Epic Text Fail

Oh the ummm, bear kind?! eeeeek!  

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Jabba The Pug!

5 Pugs Who Look Like Thin...

  1. Loaf of Bread    2. Jabba the Hutt   3. [...]

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Henri The Existential Cat!

Henri ponders his dull existence and learns a few things along the [...]

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Broken Hearted Finger Smiley

Finger It!

Say it with your fingers hee hee!   Flying without wings!   [...]

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Angry Birds Cappuccino!

Angry Munchies!

Squawk Squawk! Get revenge on the Angry Birds by eating them! Nom, [...]

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Emo Bunny

Emo Bunny

If you was wondering where this certain bunny was yesterday and why [...]

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Happy Easter

Fuzzy Fuzzy Cute Cute, Ha...

Happy Easter from them and from us at cutedaily!

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