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Brotherly Love

Brotherly Love!

This male cat is defiantly playing the older brother protective roll! His sister had [...]

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Maru Playing

Maru and His Friend!

Maru is the only cat at his abode, so sometimes it can [...]

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Best Buddies

Two Of A Kind!

That is of the furry kind because these two bestfriends are cat [...]

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Jared and Clyde

Puuuuurfect Reunion!

Poor Jared grew up with his 11 year old cat Clyde since [...]

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Best Chums!

Dominic & Maus ♥

From the moment baby Dominic was born Maus the cat loved him! [...]

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Love Blind ♥

Poor Jack was born without eyes but managed to adapt to life [...]

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Hugs all around!

Unlikely Friendship!

Lao Yang a Chinese farmer had 30 chicks which he kept warm [...]

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Cute Otters

Totally Otterly In Love!

Otter Affection! So sweet!

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