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Cute Puppies & Cute Dogs

High Fives

Little Friends!

These delightful pictures are by Seth Casteel who specializes in lifestyle pet photography, [...]

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Cat Got Your Tongue!?

Cat Got Your Tongue?!

Cute adorable orange tabby kitten pawing and batting at Murkin the dogs tongue! [...]

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Uggie on the Recarpet!

Final Bow Wow!

Uggie is one of Hollywood’s hottest stars at the moment, known for [...]

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Puppy Dreaming

Sleep Yelping!

This cuddly little fluff-ball seems to be in a deep sleep! Maybe [...]

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Hawkeye Mourning!

Hawkeye's Hurt

Sometimes in life we come across something which just makes our heart-ache [...]

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Sleep Buddies

Cheech & Casanova ♥

Cheech the foster kitten was all alone and abandoned, thankfully he got rescued [...]

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Statue of Hachi

Hachi - A Dogs Tale

I don’t know if you have ever heard of this dog but [...]

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Mr & Mrs

Furry Fashionistas

These are some of the entries for the fun competition -  Zootoo Most [...]

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Pocket Pom Puppy

Pocket Pom!

Gorgeous black teddy bear face pom, so tiny and perfect.     [...]

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Puppet Pugs

Puppet Pugs!

Awwww, they’re like fluffy little puppets!  

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